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Beginner/ Advanced Balance Workout..STOP FALLING!! (improve your mobility, stability, and strength!)
9,989 Views · 1 year ago

9 balance exercises to improve not just your balance but mobility, stability and strength.
Get ready to be sore!!

Swiss Ball Core & Upper body Workout...GUARANTEED SORENESS!!!
9,237 Views · 1 year ago

Step up your CORE game with these extremely effective exercises utilizing the Swiss Ball.
The routine varies in difficulty level, from beginner to advanced.
Try doing 10 reps each, and if you complete every exercise, you won't have to repeat ;)

Full Body Resistance Band Workout/ no gym? grab a band!!
7,917 Views · 1 year ago

Here is an upper and lower body outdoor band workout for you guys, just a few of my favorites. As you know, there are tons of exercises you can do utilizing resistance bands. Lets get creative!!
Reps are completely up to your level and abilities. Goal is to get 3 sets total.
1. Side Bicep Curls from Lunge
2. Squatted Rows
3. Bent Over Rows
4. Squatted Face Pulls
5. Deadlifts
6. Push-ups
7. Lunges
8. Single-Leg RDL to Row
9. Squat to Press
10. Shoulder Presses

Everyday 12 Minute Mobility Flow + Quick Foam Roll (feel and breathe better in minutes!!!)
8,807 Views · 1 year ago

Alright guys, here are my favorite movements to get the body going but more importantly to help you stay healthy and injury free.
I know you all are hungry to get those gains back but trust me the body needs the time and proper recovery to get there!
I hope everyone has a foam roller by now, it will change your life I promise!!

If you want to skip the rolling (because you're already a pro(; ) then fast forward 8 minutes into the video to go straight to the mobility movements.

If you have any questions, please message me on IG!

Resistance Band Core Workout..Challenge your core instantly with these 10 exercises!
9,881 Views · 1 year ago

Ok guys, I created a CORE workout using a long resistance band (I chose the red one but you can use any band that works for you).

10 straight forward exercises that will instantly challenge you. Make sure you do a quick warm up before giving this a go, you can check out my mobility routine video which will be perfect to get the body going for this one.

Try one set of 10 reps each but if you're feeling like you can go for a second set than be my guest!
Make the regressions needed. Feel free to comment below...
Let's stay moving!

Filmed at the Nobu Hotel Miami Beach.

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