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This Is How You Can Buy Real Estate With Little or No Money - Robert Kiyosaki
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Learn how can you buy real estate with little or no money. In this video, Robert Kiyosaki shared some of the real estate investing strategies to buy real estate with little or no money down.
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Rich Dad Poor Dad is Robert's story of growing up with two dads — his real father and the father of his best friend, his rich dad — and the ways in which both men shaped his thoughts about money and investing. You can check out his greatest works here-​


Stock Market VS Rental Property: Should You Invest in Rental Property than the Stock Market?​

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How to Buy a Rental Property in 2023 (6 Beginner Steps)
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Don’t think you know how to buy a rental property? Give us just one hour of your time, and you’ll be able to score your first investment property in the next ninety days! No gimmicks, jokes, or get-rich-quick schemes—David Greene and the BiggerPockets team designed this plan specifically for rookie real estate investors who want to get into the investment property game as soon as possible. So, if you’ve been waiting on the sidelines, hoping to one day reach financial freedom, now is the time to plug in and get ready to invest!

David Greene has been investing in real estate for over a decade. Before that, he was a police officer working almost every day of the week, scraping enough money together to buy his first rental property. He reached financial freedom in only a few years, but it took grit, determination, and a tenacious effort to keep moving forwards. Now, he wants to teach you how to do the same, by buying your first rental property in 2023, even with the wild housing market we have on our hands.

David walks through six actionable steps you can start taking to get your first property under contract in just ninety days! If you can carve out fifteen minutes of your workweek for the next few months, we know you’ll be closer to investing than ever before. Anyone can follow these steps to start buying real estate, no matter how much experience or money they're starting with. Ready to invest? Hit play!

00:00 Intro
01:40 Buy Your First Rental (in 90 Days!)
07:30 The 6-Step Real Estate Journey
08:00 Step 1. The Purpose
12:50 2. The Plan
14:40 3. Finding Deals
23:54 Step 4. Analyzing the Property
27:55 Let's Analyze a Live Deal!
38:24 DON'T Time the Market!
48:15 Step 5. Funding the Deals
50:05 Step 6. Stay Motivated!
58:38 Are You TRULY Committed?
01:00:45 Become a Real Estate PRO
01:09:57 Real Estate Q&A!

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What Is The Best Strategy For Investing In Real Estate?
9,922 Views · 11 months ago

What Is The Best Strategy For Investing In Real Estate?
Listen to how ordinary people built extraordinary wealth—and how you can too. You’ll learn how millionaires live on less than they make, avoid debt, invest, are disciplined and responsible! Featuring hosts from the Ramsey Network: Dave Ramsey, Ken Coleman, Christy Wright, Rachel Cruze, Anthony ONeal and John Delony.

The ULTIMATE Beginner's Guide to Investing in Real Estate Step-By-Step
8,865 Views · 11 months ago

Here's a Real Estate beginner tutorial where I can really cover the blueprints and outline the basics of what’s needed in order to prepare for, and actually invest in real estate. Enjoy! Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan

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Step 1: BUILD YOUR CREDIT. This is one of those steps that you can can do NOW. If you’re watching this and you don’t already have a credit card, when you’re done with this video, watch this:

Step 2: SAVE YOUR MONEY. The reality is that you can’t invest in real estate with no money down, no income, no credit…it just doesn’t happen. So this means that in order to save money, not only will you be required to live somewhat frugally so you don’t spend everything you make, but you will need to MAKE MONEY. I know this sounds common sense, but it’s at least every day that I get people asking how they can buy real estate without having any money…it doesn’t happen.

Step 3: SHOW YOUR INCOME on a tax return. his means that you can’t just have one great month on Shopify and then expect to use that as a down payment…lenders want to see consistent, stable income before they give you a loan.

Step 4: Get prequalified. It’s as easy as going to a few major banks, having them run your credit, giving them your tax returns, bank statements, and some other minor information…and they will give you a pre-approval amount based off those numbers. You can then take that pre-approval and shop that around a few other banks, getting them to match or beat those terms.

Step 5: LOOK AT EVERYTHING IN THE MARKET YOU WANT TO BUY IN. Do your research. Find out which areas you feel are undervalued and where you feel people will be moving to. Drive around on weekends through every street and neighborhood. See every open house on a Saturday and Sunday within your price range, plus maybe a few hundred grand so you know what’s out there. The more you see, the better you’ll be able to recognize a good deal when it comes up.

Step 6: Make offers on places you feel are a good deal. Know your price, know what it’s worth, and have patience. It’s more important to get the right property at a fair price than wait years trying to find the unicorn of a deal.

Step 7: Do your inspections. I usually tell my clients to do all the inspections they can, and usually it’ll be a break even when you re-negotiate a credit with the seller. I also take it a step further and also walk two contractors through the unit who will give me a free bid on how much things cost to repair. This way, I know everything that’s “wrong” from a cosmetic standpoint and exactly how much it’ll cost to fix.

Step 8: Close on the property. In the interim here, you’ll be speaking with your lender, getting in all the information they request from you, do an appraisal on the property to make sure it’s worth what you’re paying, and you close. Once the property is yours, this is where the fun begins!

Step 9: Do minor renovations. Most people ask “where do you find your contractors?!” And my answer to this has always been Word of mouth, and yelp. Also make sure to get various bids to understand the costs associated with what you want to do, never just hire the first person.

Step 10: Rent it out. Here’s how I post my ads on craigslist:

For business inquiries or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting or coaching, you can reach me at

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