5 lessons every first time CMO should know

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5 lessons every first time CMO should know! Alice de Courcy, CMO @Cognism goes through what she has learnt in her role as a first time CMO, including how to create predictable marketing growth formula, over indexing on bottom of the funnel content. accelerating learning by working with experts and more.

00:00 Intro
00:51 Do not move your buyers in market, they move themselves
01:37 The predictable growth formula
06:24 KPIs for each bucket objective
07:07 What metrics to track
08:07 What does success look like?
12:31 Content is not SEO and blog posts
13:14 3 types of content role in a modern B2B marketing organisation
16:39 Over index on BOFU content
19:07 Don't forget about your website
20:49 Make hiring your superpower
24:20 Be comfortable wearing multiple hats
27:26 Speed up learning and innovation by working with experts
33:03 Final thoughts

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