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We are looking at leadership strengths through a feminine lens on this episode of What the Fundraising with my guest, Natalie Rekstad. As Founder and CEO at Black Fox Philanthropy, Natalie is mobilizing resources in all kinds of innovative ways and – as importantly – makes them open source and welcoming to even the smallest organizations to tap a wealth of wisdom.
In the process of helping domestic nonprofits and international NGOs build capacities and strengthen their leadership frameworks, Natalie has also gathered tremendous data points on what kinds of qualities define the most highly functional organizations. One of the consistent throughlines, says Natalie, is leaders with a passionate commitment that is not all about themselves. While in the past there has been a lot of deference to charismatic, overtly strong male energy in leadership, we are seeing today a shift in appreciation towards the power of other, more nuanced qualities. Natalie shares a long list of the questions she asks when assessing who is at the helm of an organization and how their most pronounced qualities impact the culture. We also take a deep dive into the power dynamics that can trip up fundraisers, including feeling beholden or disempowered when presenting to funders. It’s about an equal exchange, says Natalie, and understanding that nonprofit teams have something as important as financial resources to bring to the equation.
If you’d like to learn more about how Black Fox’s trusted advisors deliver fundraising expertise to organizations of all sizes and budgets, you can read their blog, with fascinating articles like this one, “Choreography that Translates into Deeper Relationships and Increased Funding.”

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