Filmmaker Spotlight - Charles Frank

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“Filmmaker Spotlight” allows us to shine some much-deserved light on the talented filmmakers of short form content who are often overlooked and don't normally get to talk about their pieces, or their process. Michelle Nunes, host Colaborator's Short on Shorts, sits down with Charles Frank to get some inside info on what went into the creation of his short film "Clint Smith: Beyond This Place."

Be sure to watch "Clint Smith: Beyond This Place" here: and check out Colaborator's Short on Shorts in which we review the film here:

Filmmaker Spotlight is our newest addition to Short on Shorts! With this segment you can get some fun behind-the-scenes scoops, learn about the films' trials and successes, and find out what prompted each filmmaker to bring their stories to life as they sit down with Short on Shorts' Michelle Nunes!

Interested in having your own voice heard on our show? For more information about how Short On Shorts works and on how you can submit your film for consideration, visit our blog here:

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To view more episodes of Short on Shorts, check out our playlist!:

*Special thanks to the Lyric Hyperion Theater for allowing us the use of their space for filming.

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