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How to Live a Committed Life & Raise Money from the Heart with Lynne Twist

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15 years ago Lynne Twists’ first book - The Soul of Money - completely changed the trajectory of my life, and is the foundation for much of the work I do today. It is one of my greatest honors to get to interview someone who has been so instrumental in changing the course of my life and my relationship with money.

Today, Lynne is challenging us to reconsider commitment – the role it plays in our work as nonprofit leaders and the power it has to fuel deep, systemic change. Over the course of her extraordinary 40-year career, Lynne has been recognized as a global visionary whose innovative ideas challenge received wisdom. In addition to co-founding The Pachamama Alliance, she is the founder of the Soul of Money Institute – as well as the author of the book by the same name which I mentioned above radically altered the course of my life. And now, at a moment in which she sees institutions ripe for transformation, Lynne is out with an inspiring new book, "Living a Committed Life: Finding Freedom and Fulfillment in a Purpose Larger Than Yourself."

In this far-reaching conversation, we explore the pillars of commitment as well as the importance of heart-centered fundraising. In this conversation, Lynne explains how she has managed to raise multi-millions over the years, undeterred by rejection: “You make a commitment, and then out of that commitment you hone yourself, or the commitment hones you, into the kind of person you need to be to fulfill it.” The kind of person Lynne is can only be described as formidable. She radiates a sense of mission and asks us to bring every bit as much intention and intensity to our own efforts to serve. We discuss why Lynne gravitates towards – not away from – suffering; how to avoid burnout by staying connected to our purpose; and what it means when the opposite of scarcity is simply having enough - sufficiency. Lynne’s empowering vision of commitment calls upon – and empowers – us to become the people we need to be in order to fulfill the epic global moment we are in.

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