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How to Build Systems in Business | 3 Steps to Systemize Any Workflow in Business

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Learn how to build systems in small business, systemize any workflow, and delegate your process once and for all in 3 EASY steps.

First, we MAP those workflows by process mapping.
Then, we EQUIP those workflows with templates, delegating key actions to technology or delegating to your team.
Finally, we TRY our process and create our business instruction manual (a digital wiki of standard operating procedures / SOPs) in our tool of choice. (I create my SOPs in ClickUp.)

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In this video we'll cover:
00:00 - Introduction
0:09 Step 1 - Map Your Workflow
0:31 How to Process Map / How to Build Business Systems
1:57 My example of process map a YouTube repurposing workflow
2:14 Step 2 - Equip your workflow with templates, tech, and team
2:28 Create templates to streamline business systems.
3:39 Putting your templates and SOPs into ClickUp
4:31 Delegate to a team when you can't delegate to technology.
5:19 Try using your new workflow
7:28 Response to involve your team in creating SOPs
8:41 Share your action step.

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