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How To Build Your Business So It Can Run Without You And Scale
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Did you know? Most entrepreneurs aren’t actually entrepreneurs. They are technicians trying to be entrepreneurs. This means they spend to much time working in their business instead of working on their business. If that’s you, watch this video to learn how to build your business so it can run without you and scale. Learned something new? Share this video with a friend.

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This video is about How To Build Your Business So It Can Run Without You And Scale.

How to Build a Business System in 7 Steps?
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In this video, I am going to share how to build a business system in 7 steps.
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How do you build systems in your business? Here are the seven steps that I use to build systems into our companies and how you can do the same. But Why systems? A system is there to help a business run automatically without the input of the business owner. This is crucial if you are running multiple companies like me.
Starting a business isn't easy, and keeping that business afloat is a lot more complicated and time-consuming. So much so that some Entrepreneurs haven't taken a vacation in years fearing that if they do, their business will die or they will take a loss. Business Systems are something that you can make and implement in your business so that your personal life isn't tied to your business.
In today's video, I go through the process of building business systems in 7 steps.

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How to Build Systems in Business | 3 Steps to Systemize Any Workflow in Business
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Learn how to build systems in small business, systemize any workflow, and delegate your process once and for all in 3 EASY steps.

First, we MAP those workflows by process mapping.
Then, we EQUIP those workflows with templates, delegating key actions to technology or delegating to your team.
Finally, we TRY our process and create our business instruction manual (a digital wiki of standard operating procedures / SOPs) in our tool of choice. (I create my SOPs in ClickUp.)

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In this video we'll cover:
00:00 - Introduction
0:09 Step 1 - Map Your Workflow
0:31 How to Process Map / How to Build Business Systems
1:57 My example of process map a YouTube repurposing workflow
2:14 Step 2 - Equip your workflow with templates, tech, and team
2:28 Create templates to streamline business systems.
3:39 Putting your templates and SOPs into ClickUp
4:31 Delegate to a team when you can't delegate to technology.
5:19 Try using your new workflow
7:28 Response to involve your team in creating SOPs
8:41 Share your action step.

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How To Build Systems In Your Business
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5 steps. Just 5 steps and you can build systems for your business TODAY!

Systems can be incredibly complex - your business is a collection of these systems and your business is one beast of a machine! They can be even more complex if you don’t know how to build systems effectively. I totally understand how overwhelming it can be 😮‍💨

So let’s take a step back and understand the complexities of your business and begin to simplify them.

In this video, I’m showing you 5 SIMPLE STEPS that you need to take to build and implement systems in your business and follow up with 5 questions you need to ask yourself while making these systems.

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You will be a pro system-maker in no time!

00:00 - 5 steps and 5 questions AND 2 bonus tips to help you build systems in your business.
01:26 - step 1 - Mapping your system
01:48 - step 2 - Capture your processes
02:55 - step 3 - Document your processes
05:32 - step 4 - Testing
06:37 - step 5 - Improve
08:11 - The 5 key questions to ask
Final - 2 bonus steps for going live... yep watch to the end to discover these!

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Hi, I’m Dr. Tamer Shahin, the Founder & CEO of CEO Entrepreneur, where we help small business owners scale their businesses, without sacrificing their lifestyle, wellbeing, or freedom.

I’m also a Serial Entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, business mentor, Executive Coach, Consultant, Author, Speaker, Investor, and now… I'm a ‘YouTuber.’

I’ve grown several multi-million-dollar businesses from scratch. Some of these businesses were massively successful and others turned out to be catastrophic failures! Nonetheless, I picked myself up and learned a lot from all of my extraordinary success and catastrophic adversity.

Now, I’m taking everything I’ve learned and leveraging it to create this YouTube channel and help people like YOU scale your business to astronomical heights.

Each week, I’ll share tactics, tips, tools, and insights to help transform you into a “cool as a cucumber” CEO.

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How To Build Systems In Your Business
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If you want to be more scalable you need to know how to build systems in your business.

For most, it's not the importance of systems that get people stuck but it's how to systemize your business.

We know we need to build systems but what does that mean?

Why are business systems important for scalability?

In this video, I break down how to build systems in your business.

We'll cover the benefits of having systems in your business.

How to capture business processes and some key areas where business automation can help you be more scalable.

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